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5 Packing Essentials for your Move to Camden

01 May 2013

Camden is one of the more famous parts of London, known for its market and large amounts of alternative shops. It also has a vibrant music scene, and is home to pubs made famous by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. Covering postcode areas from N1 to W9, there are a lot of potential properties to buy or rent, and moving there will ensure you’ll be experiencing some of the best that London has to offer. That said, before making the move, being prepared with your packing can save you time and money when it comes the relocation, allowing you get out there and enjoy your new surroundings.

Boxes and containers for packing

Having a good supply of boxes will be essential to packing your things securely and safely, and you can often pick up unwanted boxes from local shops for free. For more delicate and speciality items, try a removal company or specialist online retailers as they offer a number of solutions designed specifically for moving home. One of the best and cheapest solutions though, is to keep and use the boxes you that you purchased your things in in the first place.

Packing tape and Stanley Knife

If you do have to use some old boxes, or if you just want to add a bit of extra strength to any box, tape can be used to good effect. You’ll need some good heavy duty masking or packing tape to seal your boxes anyway, so it’s a good investment. To add some extra durability, apply tape along the folds of the box. You can do this a few times to add extra strength. When cutting tape, a Stanley knife is the best option, as you won’t have to try and get under the tape like you would with scissors. Both items are widely available and won’t set you back much financially. They will also come in handy for a number of other things, so are worth getting hold of.


Labelling your boxes with what they contain and what room they‘re for will save a huge amount of time when packing and unpacking, so should be the first thing you do when packing your goods. You can use either a simple black marker, or stick on labels. Both work well, and are very cheap and easy to pick up at most shops.

Moving Trolleys

There will inevitably be some items that are very heavy to lift, so rather than trying to move them yourself, pick up a trolley. You can find these not only online but at most DIY stores, and they come in various sizes. While they will be useless if you have to move things down stairs, they are very handy for taking the strain off when transferring items to your van/home, and will leave you with more energy to tackle what heavy lifting has to be done. If you’re moving alone, then these offer a great way of getting most of your move done yourself.

Removal Vans

You have a number of options when moving, which will depend on your circumstances. If you’re moving from another area in London to Camden, then you may only need a hired van/man in a van to move your things. This can often work out a lot cheaper than hiring a removal company, but once you have all your things packed, you will have a good idea of how much space you will need and can make the appropriate decision.

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