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Balham District - How to Move to This Quiet Neighborhood With Your Kids

10 May 2013

People often want to go living in the big cities, to be close to the life and the opportunities they are giving, but still at some point, sooner or later the newcomers start to complain about the noise and the rush they see and become part of every day when they are on their way to school or work.

It is the same with the life in London city. At first you are absolutely amazed by the dynamic atmosphere and the unique way of the organization of the street rules, especially when you come from a country, where the cars are driven on the right side of the street. Then you start to get a little tired by the everyday rush and by the fact that everything is so hard and so time consuming. Then you do not feel like going out at all. And if you add the famous English bad weather, it can really get too much.

Still there are parts of the city, where life is less noisy, though the neighboring parts are still tearing from the sound of thousands of vehicles. Balham is one piece of tranquility, where you will feel like living in the suburbs, though it is not actually one.

If you are wandering where this magic place is, the district is situated in South West London. There are records for the existence of the area that go back to the 17th century, but the real development and growing of the neighborhood became fact after the building and the opening of the railway station, having the name of this part of London. The last one happened in the middle of the 19th century.

When you are moving the family with kids you are obliged to do it the right thing. You have to right to be mistaken, and for a good start it can said that by choosing this neighborhood, you have done it well.

Kids need more preparation for the removal. Let them see where they are going and what to expect.

The most important thing for the kids is to choose a good place for their education. This is fully your job so a little research before the house move is necessary. When you search the net you will see that there is pretty good choice of primary and secondary schools to send your kid to. Many people will advice you to call them few months before the moving and to make sure that there will be a place for your child to go and study. This will save you a lot of troubles in the future and hours spent what to do when you have to go to work and there will be nobody to take care of the kid.

The situation with the smaller kids who need to go to a daycare or kindergarten is the same. The scheme you have to follow is similar as the previous mentioned. Good planning is the core of every right decision.

When you have older kids on an age when they can communicate and understand easy, try to tell them where you are going and what they should be expecting on the new place. This will save you a lot of troubles in the future, because they may have one vision for this city and to face completely different truth which will disappoint them and they will be crying and complaining all the time.

Do not try to escape difficult explanations and to avoid questions you do not want to hear, it will all come back on your head with the time.

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