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How To Budget Your Move To SW19

10 September 2014

The London area of SW19 includes Colliers Wood, Merton Abbey, Merton Park, Wimbledon, Morden and Southfields. If you are planning to move to any of these areas in the upcoming months, then you need to start preparing your checklist and start considering the budget. One of the things that cause the most stress to people who are moving house is the costs of it. It's not cheap to relocate your entire household and move each and every belonging you have in a safe manner. It's a big undertaking which requires professional assistance, weeks of preparation, tiresome e packing and multiple phone calls. Without professional help it's simply too hard to manage within a reasonable timeline and ensure not only the safety of your belongings, but yours as well.

When you are preparing for a house move the costs tend to add up quite quickly and before you know it you have exceeded your budget, which can be quite worrying. Budgeting a house move to SW19 is definitely not an easy process, because you need to take into consideration many details. Let's take a look at the main stages of preparing a house moving budget.

Before the Move

It's important to keep track of your expenses throughout the moving process. One of the things to take care of is the moving insurance. A reputable removals company should provide you with full moving insurance, but you might want to consider getting an additional one as well. Why would you need an extra insurance in the first place? The truth is, the standard rates will cover about a fraction of what you own, in the case of damage, loss or breakage during the transportation. If you have many valuable and fragile items to move, then you need a proper insurance. This will depend on the items that you own and the distance of your move, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you are selling your current home, take care of all the details before you focus on the relocation. Even the small tasks will take time and money. If there are any repairs needed around the house, it is best to hire a professional. Whether you are moving out of your own house or a rental one, you need to make sure you give it one final cleanup. This will also ensure that you receive your damage deposit back.

During the Move

Most of the additional costs of the relocation are added up during this period, so you need to make sure you are well-prepared for the arrival of the movers and the moving truck. The costs will depend on the distance of your move and the number of movers. Add to that the costs of snacks, hotel, flights, gas for your own relocation and you will have an approximate estimate of the budget you will need. On the moving day you will also need cash for tipping the packers and movers. If you are flying to London, try to book your flight tickets as early as possible. Plan what you will take on the plane with you - fragile items, documents, valuables, etc. Calculate the costs for moving your pets too. Following these basic tips for budgeting your house move you will ensure a smooth relocation.

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