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Easy Unpacking after your Elephant and Castle Move

01 May 2013

Once you’ve got through the task of relocating to your new home in Elephant and Castle and unloaded your moving vehicles, the last thing you want to have to face is an unorganised unpack, having to root around through boxes and move everything around so it’s in the right room etc. There are a few ways you can make the unpacking a much more enjoyable experience, and settle in to your new SE1 surroundings. Better still, most of these tips can be done before you even move, so everything will be prepared will in advance.

Organise your packing beforehand

You can do this fairly early on in the moving process, with plenty of time to spare before moving day. Essentially you want to organise all items as you pack them and keep them grouped by room, labelling the boxes clearly with both contents and the room they belong in. All bedroom items should be labelled as such for example, along with kitchen, bathroom, and so on. This will not only help you or your removal company deal with the packing efficiently, but be very useful when you unpack, as you can make sure that all items are where they should be straight away. You then simply have to unpack, knowing all items will be in the right rooms.

Make a floor plan for your new home

By making a floor plan, even a rough version, you will have a good idea of where you want your heavy furniture and appliances to go, and once again this will be very helpful when unpacking. You can unload things directly into their preferred places/rooms, and won’t have to shift anything heavy about after you’ve unloaded the van. Another advantage here is that you’ll have the help of your removal company/man and a van/friends etc, so won’t have to do any heavy lifting alone later.

Keep essentials close at hand

A good way of making sure you approach your unpack reinvigorated and have everything you need to settle in for the first night is by packing a small case of essentials. This could include things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, some cutlery, basic cooking equipment, tea, a kettle, some easy to cook food, and so on. This way, once you’ve arrived you can have a cup of tea and a bit of a rest before dealing with the rest of the unpacking, and by not having to root around through boxes for a change of clothes etc, you can tackle the unpacking at a slower pace. Make sure these are the last thing you pack and first thing you unpack.

Get the heavy stuff in place first

Your furniture and other heavy items will be the most physically demanding part of your move. Using your floor plan, unpack these first and get them in place. This way, you‘ll have the hard part out of the way, and much more energy for unpacking everything else. Spending hours shifting a fridge around after you‘ve unpacked everything else is only going to make unpacking more of a hassle.

Enjoy your new home, and take your time

If you follow the tips above, then everything should go fairly smoothly once you’ve arrived in your new home. Now you have as much time as you like to unpack, and with the hard work out of the way, can enjoy the surroundings of your new home. Trying to rush your unpacking and get it all done on the same day as your move might be achievable (especially if you followed these tips!), but if it’s too tiring or stressful then simply take your time and settle in at a pace that feels comfortable.

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