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Environmentally Friendly Removals in St John's Wood

10 May 2013

Moving house is widely regarded as both an extremely stressful, but also very exciting time in a person's life. You'll be so taken up with the different aspects of moving however, that you may forget how much of an impact your move will have on the environment. You may feel that you need some pointers on how to lessen that impact, so here are some environmentally friendly removals in St John's Wood.

Should you live in a town or city, then it is quite likely that you don't really need your car, so look into how the public transport links around you can work for you. Work out whether the buses and trains which you will need to use each day will be economically viable however, as spiraling costs may ruin your family life. If it makes sense however, then reducing the amount that you use personal transport can drastically lessen the amount of poisonous gasses that are spilled into the atmosphere.

Attempt to plan ahead so that you only have to make one trip with all of your belongings on the day of the move, as this will also cut down on the amount of fuel burnt, and the impact on the planet. Reducing the amount that you use a van or removals truck will also mean that you save a fair amount of money!

Be aware of how your new house or flat will be heated, and even more importantly, how it is insulated. The insulation of your new place will be the difference between being energy efficient and being polluting as a household. You can heat your house as much as you want, but if the place isn't properly insulated then the heat will escape and and be useless. Double glazing is an important part of insulation, as it protects the cold from outside convecting the heat through the windows. Loft insulation will also help greatly, as heat obviously rises, and trapping it in with adequate loft insulation will keep your house nicely heated. Both of these types of insulation will keep the heat in your house for longer, meaning that you won't have to use the heating as much, saving energy in gas and electricity, and therefore money!

Using natural cleaning materials will help you on your quest towards being an ecological success in the home. The chemicals in everyday cleaning products can be very harmful, and the processes used to make them can be bad for the planet, not to mention the damage they can do to your skin. Lemon and vinegar are both very useful as cleaning agents, and are much less damaging to the environment and your family.

Use packing materials from a recycled source. You may be able to find boxes that were used by others in previous home moves, or even go round to your local shops and ask for their left over boxes. cut any boxes that aren't right for your needs into shapes that will make them usable. ask your removals company if they have recycled boxes, and if they don't then hold on to the boxes that you use in the move, and that will save money as well as trees when you next move.

Use the move to start your newly energy efficient life. The use of less electricity and gas in general will lead to better savings and a better carbon footprint. You can but energy efficient lightbulbs that will reduce the amount of electricity that your lighting consumes, which will also save you money, so being green doesn't mean being broke!

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