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Equipment Movers in Hackney

10 May 2013

East London has become a haven for the cool crowd in the capital. The fashion industry and all of it's street style minions have taken over the whole area, from Manor House down to Surrey quays, and have made the area a much more interesting, albeit expensive place to live! What is it though, that makes the area so desirable for the creative type? Is there some sort of magnetic pull that attracts rolled up jeans and moustaches? Are the poles aligned so that fixed gear bikes and turned up, five paneled caps are necessary in that particular borough!? Unlikely, but I'll try and shed some light on the real nature of this unfathomably arty part of the city.

Towards the end of the 70s, as punks rejected the woozy peacefulness of the Hippies, the vast majority of west London was very trendy with the rock and roll crowd, and therefore becoming vastly unaffordable. the families moved outwards into the palatial districts of Barnes and Fulham, allowing their outlandish pasts to settle behind them as they brought up families amongst friends in their areas. As most things go, the birth of a new area was born out of a distaste for another, and those who grew up in west London sought a new place to exist, away from the stolid champagne socialism of their parents. At the same time, art schools such as St Martins were producing some of their best work at the time, and students were finding it increasingly hard to rent affordable studio space. One area had the answer for both of them; East London, with it's large unused warehouse spaces and dilapidated housing had both space and cheap rent. the only drawback was that it was uncharted territory, populated by the working class who had little time for arty types, and run by gangsters like the notorious Richardson family.

Such issues didn't seem to phase the artists, and they made their presence felt, setting up communes and colonies, producing work, partying hard and generally using the cheap space to their full advantage. This obviously attracted huge amounts of their followers to the area, keen to hang on to the coat tails of success and wild living. By the late 1990s, even large businesses had moved into the area, keen to appear on the cutting edge of trend in fashion and design, and thus making the area feel even safer, with smaller businesses catering to their needs. Inevitably the area boomed as a creative epicentre and turned into the place we know today.

All this Artful energy is a haven for musicians as well as visual artists, and therefore a great many rehearsal rooms and recording studios populate the area, with an ever increasing need for Art and musical equipment movers in Hackney, what's the best way to get your gear across town?

The classic mode of transport for musicians is a Man and Van scenario, as a band's equipment rarely takes up more than the back of a mid sized white van. For the best rates, the best way to go is finding a private service on gumtree or the local ads, as larger firms like Addison Lee will not allow a customer to ride in the van with the equipment, meaning trouble if the driver gets lost. Private services will also deliver competitive rates, as they have less of a name to contend with and a smaller customer base, be sure to try out a decent number before settling on the quote that you feel is best. We wish you the best of luck getting your gear safely across the stylish borough!

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