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Five Tips To Make Your Office Removals In Shoreditch Easy

16Apr 2015

Office removals in Shoreditch in most cases are exciting and a big leap. While office removals infer a bigger and better space, they can entail a lot of work and can be a messy and a stressful affair too especially if you are working 5 days a week. A comprehensive planning and management of time can make them way too easy and less problematic. Even if you don't have a lot of stuff in your office, you can often misjudge and underestimate a lot of things that require attention and proper planning. Here are few tips that can give you an insight of the steps for a hassle free office removal.

There is a fair chance that most of your paperwork is old and not needed anymore or has a soft copy saved in your mails, cloud etc. There can be no better time to clean and organize your office in Shoreditch, N1 than moving out. Trash all the paperwork that you can afford to, one cabinet and file at a time. Simultaneously organize your paperwork properly in files and binders so that you know exactly where to find your documents when needed. This will also save your time while organizing your things in your new office. This applies to other things in your office as well, eg old furniture.

Be mindful about the space
While planning on what things to move along and which ones to discard, be sure to consider the space available in your new office. You don't want to move boxes, big and heavy desks, computer tables and cabinets that do not fit your new office or end up eating all the room. Planning ahead of time can also open options of selling the old furniture online or to people who need it and hence you can use the newly found money on buying new things that you may require.

Choosing services carefully
If you plan to hire the office movers it is of utmost importance to be sure of what services are you looking for in the E1 and EC1 districts. Sometimes the mid range removals companies can offer services which are as good as the high end removals firms. Ask for a price quote, and do not forget to compare. You may also want to ensure that your removals company has the date blocked for you and that they have removal men and van available on the day you plan to relocate to your new office.

Stay updated
If there is no one from your office traveling with the removal experts, especially during interstate relocations, being able to stay in touch and updated can save you from a lot of panic. Give your number to the drivers and take their numbers as well. Sometimes, there can be delays due to many reasons and you need to make sure that you have all the channels of communication open and not worry yourself sick over why your belongings haven’t arrived yet. This is especially important in scenarios where you don’t have a window open to take a lot of time in settling down and starting fresh with your work.

Recruit carefully
In case you plan to recruit staff that can help you set up the new office, you must hire wisely. You certainly do not want to hire a whole fleet of men when it takes only a few dependable and trustworthy people to get the job done. It will be faster this way especially if your removal companies in Shoreditch assist you in loading and unloading. While you can take care of all the confidential material, you can have help from labors to set up your new office and make your office moving a cakewalk.

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