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Getting Motivated For A House Removal To SW1

10 May 2013

If you are planning to move to the area with SW1 postcode, but lacking the motivation for it, you really should change your mindset right this moment. This really is one of the best areas in London to live in - Victoria Station, Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge and Whitehall.

How can one not be excited to live in the perfect centre of London? There are so many events going on in central London on a daily basis that you can rarely be bored. However, if it's not only about the area, but more about organizing the move, then you really could make use of some tips. How does one get started when they have an upcoming move? The first thing to do is a house clearance. It may sound boring, unnecessary and tiresome, but without this you will struggle to determine the size of the moving truck and the amount of packing material you need. Clear out the clutter, get rid of the old, damaged and useless items that have been piling up in your home for years. With a house clearance you will significantly lessen the amount that needs to be packed and safely transported to the new house. This saves you time, money and effort.

Next, you need to schedule the move. If you have two months until the moving date, make sure you prepare a checklist and each task is done in a timely manner. If you are doing the packing yourself, it could be hard to estimate how much time you will need. Get plenty of help and organize your family, so you can meet the deadline. You can pack every evening and at the weekend and finish without a problem.

Understand that the key to a successful move is often in the balance. You need time to relax, you can't pack for hours and hours without stopping. Whenever you are resting, take the time to check off the done tasks from your list and to plan ahead. In order to stay motivated, spend some time planning the layout of your future home and where every piece of furniture will go. This is a great activity for the whole family - discussing how the future home will look and the ways to improve it. Don't create a copy of your current home, but try to bring something new and fresh.

Another useful tip for getting motivated and staying this way throughout the process is to set goals. Some people are not particularly good at scheduling - if you are one of them, then simply set the goals and make sure you do something little every day. This way you won't stress out too much, but you'll still get things done. Understand that a house move is not one man's job - ask your friends and relatives for help and don't let your children ignore the move.

If you are moving with teenagers they will most probably go through a series of different emotions regarding the relocation. Give them time, but make them understand that this is a big undertaking that they need to get involved in, despite their frustration, sadness or anger. Leave the cleaning for last when you know everything is ready for the moving day. Try to stay motivated for a little longer, because the hardest part is actually the after move process of settling down and turning the house or flat into an actual home.

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