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How To Take The Stress Out Of Moving House To Ilford

29Jul 2015

Moving house to Ilford is almost always a huge burden on the mind. While we all love the idea of stepping over a threshold into a beautiful new home in IG1 and knowing that it’s yours, most people fail to consider the huge moving checklist that comes with it. Here are a few preparation tips to help make this staggeringly big change in your life a little easier to make it through.

The first thing to do is to get rid of all the junk lingering around your house. This is kind of a no brainer; the less stuff you have, the less stuff you have to worry about in terms of organizing, packing, removals and unpacking. Be ruthless with this one. Go through the house, and take time to consider each object you intend to bring, and whether you really need it where you’re going. This is a great time for you to throw out all the clothes you realise you haven’t worn in years, random bits and bobs that have accumulated in a drawer, and any ornaments you don’t love anymore – donate or sell them instead of simply throwing them away. If you come across anything that may have some value, you can sell these at car boot sales or online.

It’s important to take care of the clutter a long time before you move, as it gives you a much better idea of the moving materials you need to buy. Giving yourself time to pack well can relieve more stress than you know. Do this systematically, by going from room to room, and judging how many boxes you’ll need for the removals. You should also get ample amounts of tissue paper, bubble wrap and packing tape, and use them generously when packing your valuables. Start packing as soon as possible, so that if you run out of resources you’ll have enough time to get more. One of the most common sources of stress that comes from moving house to Ilford, IG2 is feeling that you can’t possibly fit everything into the time you have.

The next task on your moving checklist should be packing each room by category. Yes, putting all the Christmas decorations in one box and the kitchen gear in another may use up more valuable space, but when you finally make it into your new home in IG1 it will make unpacking much more straightforward. Specialised boxes may be worth considering here. Wardrobe boxes, for example, save you the time of taking clothes off their hangers, folding, unfolding and ironing them. Specially made book boxes can also save you from being pushed over the edge when a flimsy cardboard box breaks under the weight you’ve forced into it.

This next tip is another one a lot of people neglect, and should probably be carried out in conjunction with the last one. Get a permanent marker, and write on each box what it contains. If there are a few miscellaneous boxes, list everything that’s going in there. After the stress of the big day, you’ll appreciate the time this step will save you later when you’re trying to get settled.

Finally, just try your best to keep everyone’s emotions under wraps. There isn’t much you can do to take all of the stress out of moving house to Ilford, but keeping everyone grumbling and whinging rather than screaming the house down usually falls on one person. Since you’ve bothered to read this article, that person is most likely to be you. Don’t let the hassle impede your judgement; if one of your kids just loves to help but leans on the clumsy side, then give them something to do other than carrying the family china. Little things like keeping your moving party hydrated and well fed can also have a massive positive effect on your collective mood, and keep the whole process as short and sweet as humanly possible.

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