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Moving to N7 Area - Who to Tell

10 May 2013

One of the most important things that you need to do when you are moving house is to inform people of your new residency and ask them to send any mail to your new address.

Why is it important to tell people of your change of address?

Not doing so may mean that your post gets sent to your old address and could be opened and used by the people who now live there, this has been how some identity thefts have occurred. Even if the people who open your mail don't use the information, they may still find out sensitive and personal information about you that you may not want to be shared. Furthermore, you may miss out on important letters from companies, such as your bank, and family and friends.

What if I forget to tell someone and something does get sent to my old address?

The best thing that you can do is to set up a mail re-direction service so that if any letters are sent to your old address they will be forwarded to your new N7 address, then you won't miss any mail from people you have forgotten to tell about your move.

Who should I tell about the change in my address?

There is a long list of people that you should tell. The main ones are:

- Your employer: so that they can ensure your letters and payslips are sent to the correct address.

- Your relatives and friends: so they don't send any cards, gifts or letters to the old address.

- Your child's school(s) to ensure that any letters regarding your child are received without problems.

The authorities that you should tell:

- National Insurance:

- HM revenue and customs:

- Local Council: you will need to change your address with the local council to update your council tax payment.

- Tax Credits or any Benefit Authorities: Inform whatever authority it is that pays you any kind of benefits to avoid any payments being delayed.

- Driving License Authority: you will need to get a form from the DVLA directly or a local post office, fill out the form to change your address and return it to the DVLA along with your licence and counterpart and payment for any fees charged.

- The television licence authority

Medical professionals you should tell:

- Doctor's: if your new home is outside the area that your current doctor deals with you may need to find and register with a new one.

- Dentists: again you may have to register with a new one if you have move a far from your old home.

- Optician's: to receive your reminders for your next eye test, etc. make sure you change the address they have on file for you.

- Vets

Banking professionals you should tell:

- Your Bank and/or Building Society

- Credit Card companies

- Your accountant

- Your solicitor

- Your pension scheme

- Anybody else you have a financial agreement with

Your utility providers:

Before you leave your old home and before you start using the utilities in your new home you should take a note of the metre readings in both properties and store these away. You will need to get in touch with:

- Your gas supplier

- Your electricity company

- Your water supplier

- Your home and any other insurance provider's you use, including vehicle insurance

- Your telephone, internet and satellite companies.

Any other deliveries or visits you have made to your address, such as newspaper or milk deliveries, or rental companies who come to your home to collect money.

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