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Need Help Packing Up your Tooting Home

10 May 2013

Packing up your Tooting can often be a long, drawn out and tedious task, often meaning that people leave it to the last minute or rush to pack up their home. Rushing to do your packing is not a good idea , it will mean you won't have time to sort through your things and de-clutter therefore meaning you will need to move all of your things to your new home and sort them out there when you are unpacking, this is not ideal, mainly because you will be paying a removal company or for the hire of van on the basis of how much stuff you have to move, it will cost you more to move more of your things which is a waste of money if these are things that you don't want or need in your new home anyway.

If you have a lot of packing to do, or are unable to spare the time you need to get your packing done, then there are some things you can do and some companies that you can contact to get them to help with your packing. Outsourcing your packing is a smart thing to do, it may be a little more expensive than packing yourself but the packing will be completed much quicker and much more efficiently, furthermore, it is much less stressful to have someone else pack for you.

Hiring a removal or packaging company:

You could either hire a dedicated packaging company to help you pack up your home, or you could hire a removal service that also are offering packaging services to their customers. Hiring a removal service is useful as they can then also move your belongings in between properties for you, taking out most of the stress of moving, furthermore they will have experience of handling bigger or more delicate objects. Packaging services typically are able to provide packaging services only.

Whether you are hiring a removal company or a professional packaging service, you should always ensure you hire a company that is well established and reputable, someone that is going to do a good job for you and preferably someone who has been recommended to you. You will need to call around a few different companies for quotes and to ask the different companies questions about the services that they offer and questions about the company itself. Before you start calling around, however, you should make some decisions on the following:

- How much stuff do you have to box up? Is it likely you will need more than one person?

- Are there any time constraints on the job? Do you need it finished within a certain time?

- When do you need this doing? If it is during peak season then prices are likely to be higher.

- Do you have any items that may require special attention? Such as a piano or a grandfather clock.

Here are some of the questions you will need to ask your removal or packaging company, make a list of these so you don't forget to ask them:

- Is there any insurance included in the quote? Can I buy insurance at an additional price? How does the insurance cover me?

- What services do they offer? What is included in the quote?

- What experience does the company have? How long have they been trading for?

- Does the company have any references that they can show you?

- What is the standard process the company adopts? What time will they arrive and leave etc.

- How long do they ascertain the job will take?

- Are they able to get your packing done for you before your moving date?

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