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The Dos and Don'ts of the Interstate Move

10 May 2013

Doing an interstate move means relocating across the country which is usually far from your current residence. Such a long-distance move has its risks and plenty of hard stages, but it can go smoothly just like any other move. Before you start organizing it you need to understand that the choice of a moving company will determine the success of the entire move; it is expensive to move across the county even if you do the packing yourself and there are many things to plan and additional costs that you will end up paying. Having a written plan for the whole move is a must so make sure you find some time to do that. Here are some of the dos and don'ts of doing an interstate move which will give you a clearer idea of what you should and shouldn't do.


- Since you have to hire a company to transport all your goods across the country, you need to choose wisely. The top determinant should be the company's experience in interstate moves and positive references from past clients, not the quote they give you. Beware of rogue movers as there are plenty in this field. Doing a thorough research will help you find a reliable company for the relocation.

- While choosing the company you need at least three different quotes. Make sure you understand how the costs are being calculated and what the estimate includes. If you don't understand anything on the written agreement, just ask.

- Insurance is a must, especially when doing an interstate move. Moving separately from your goods leaves you no other option but to trust the mover 100%. Insurance is usually based on the weight of your shipment, not its value. If you have valuable items, either transport them yourself or purchase additional insurance.

- Discuss the extra charges: long carry, storage, shuttle service and the need for specialty movers. Some of these additional fees can be avoided, but you need to be aware of them in advance.

- Have everything in written form, including all services and costs. Keep a copy of all documents with you at all times.

- Plan your journey so that you can arrive at the new place before the moving truck with your goods, otherwise you will be charged extra.


- Beware of moving companies that will only accept cash payment. This is a certain sigh of scam.

- Beware of companies that want to be paid before they unload your goods at the new location.

- Always check boxes and items and keep your inventory list with you. If you need to make a complaint make sure you do that up to three days after the completion of the move.

- Avoid packing items of high value and sentimental value. Keep all your personal documents and paperwork in your own vehicle, along with heirlooms, valuables and antiques.

- If you don't understand something on the written agreement don't sign it before you talk to the mover or a lawyer.

You don't have to be an expert in moving house to understand that there are many things you need to be informed of months before the moving day and there are many things you should beware of. Keep your eyes open when you hire the moving company and if you notice any suspicious signs, make sure you double check the mover. The above-mentioned dos and don'ts are absolute basic rules when doing an interstate move and they will help you stay focused and be well-prepared.

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