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The House Move to Watford - Unpacking Done Right

10 May 2013

So you've managed to relocate to the London area of Watford successfully and you need to start the after-move stage as soon as possible? No need to worry as this is a fairly straight forward process which fortunately doesn't require professional assistance. Unlike the pre-move stage which is all about planning, finances and organization in full detail, the after move stage can be a more relaxed one. However, it's still a lot of strenuous work and it's time-consuming so make sure you know how to distribute the tasks properly. Ideally all the members of your family will get involved in the unpacking process.

If you need to start work soon after the relocation, you might only have a couple of days to fully focus on the unpacking process. If you want to manage successfully and have a fully-furnished home in no time you need to follow the basic rules of unpacking and arranging the home. Here is the best advice you can get on the matter.

- Day one does matter: You might feel completely exhausted after the relocation to London, but you won't be able to get any sleep unless you at least assemble the beds, put the mattresses on and unpack the linen, blankets and pillows. Every member of the family will definitely need a good night's sleep, so it's essential to find the time to sort out the beds.

- Unpack the essentials: If you've managed to pack the essential boxes or bags properly you won't be worrying about clothing, footwear, toiletries and other essential items during the first couple of days after the move.

- Set up the kitchen: Once the kitchen is ready to be used you can save time and money by preparing meals for your family at home. Don't forget to give a full wipe down on all the appliances before using them.

- The bathroom is essential: Without an unpacked bathroom it's virtually impossible to have a shower and go out to run other errands. The bathroom and the kitchen should be the first two areas you take care of.

- Leave the boxes with non-essential items for later. You will have time to deal with them, but for the time being it's important to concentrate fully on sorting out the essential things.

- Unpack room by room and box by box, so you don't end up mixing up items or breaking something in the hurry.

- Don't rush to set the TV and the computer on the first day if you want to make sure each member of your family is helping out with the unpacking and not relaxing in front of the TV. It's essential to focus on unpacking and make sure everyone has their own task so the process is going with a normal speed.

- The fridge needs at least a day before you plug it in so unpack it as soon as you arrive.

- Unpack carefully and remove the cardboard boxes away from your way so you don't trip on them. You can give them for recycling, sell them or keep them for storage uses.

- When you unpack a box, make sure that you place the items on their place - shelf, cabinet, storage box and not just leave them lying around you.

Unpacking can be tiresome, but it's also exciting seeing the way your home is forming before your eyes.

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