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Make Your Home Removals to Greenwich as Eco Friendly as Possible

08Jun 2015

More and more people are becoming aware of how environmentally damaging most of their daily actions are – from what you eat to the amount of water you use to the kind of move you have. Moving to Greenwich should be no different. When you relocate, you should still think about making sure it is as eco friendly as possible, otherwise you will be damaging the planet. Don't you want a clean planet for yourself and for your children and their children? Then start acting responsibly and start being eco friendly. A slight shift in your daily actions can make a huge difference. Moving house, for instance, can be very unfriendly to the planet but with these tips, you can make it far more eco friendly. Here you are.

1. Recycle
When you are moving house to the SE10 area, make sure that before you start moving, you have a good clear out. Decide on the things you use and the things you no longer use. Whether it's clothes, books, DVDs, curtains, toys or whatever, get rid of anything you no longer need. You could either bag those all up and donate them to your local charity shop and do a good deed for the day. Or, you could give them away to friends and family. Or, if you want to earn a bit of cash, why not sell those items? As for anything that cannot be donated, given away or sold, recycle it.

2. Re-use your packing materials
Do you still have your old packing materials from your last move? If so, and they're still in good condition, why not use them again? It will save you money and save the Earth's precious resources. When you embark on house removals to Greenwich, SW1, it can be easy to use up a lot of packing materials – especially when you have lots to move. If you don't have old packing materials, you could also ask your local stores whether you have any spare boxes or packing materials lying around. You both win. They don't have to pay to have it all removed and you can get free packing supplies.

3. Get the right sized van
You need to make sure that you get the right removal van for your house relocation to SE10 so that all of your belongings will fit comfortably in the van. If you have too much stuff, it means the van will have to drive back and forth, wasting fuel. So make sure you size up or ask your removals company to size up everything properly so that you don't have that problem. It’s the best thing you can do if you want to have eco-friendly and cost-effective removals.

4. Recycle your packing supplies
Once the move is over and you have unpacked everything, don’t just throw away all those packing materials. Put them to good use. If you think you could be relocating again sometime in the near future, store them so that you can use them again. Or, alternatively, give them away to friends or family who are moving, or just recycle them to make sure they don’t simply get thrown away into the bin.

Indeed, you can have the eco-friendly house move to Greenwich you hoped for, without it having to cost you any more money. That’s the thing about being environmentally friendly – you’ll notice that most of the time being eco friendly actually saves you money. Being wasteful, on the other hand, costs you money. So it is always a good idea to waste nothing and recycle. As long as you use the tips above, you can have a green domestic move.

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