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If you would love to hire a professional Northern Ireland removals company but do not think or believe that your moving budget would allow for such luxuries and cash splurges then think again, as Removals Man and Van is here to prove that you really can move like a diva on a dime. Ok, so admittedly there are few removal companies that can or will relocate your belongings and furniture for you at a low, reasonable price that would suit most relocation budgets – even the strictest of budgets, but our removals company will! Our Northern Ireland removals company offers fantastic relocation services that have been made to conveniently fit in to your life without your move having to cause you distress and problems and all of this is available to you at any time at a very low, reasonable price. So, if you are looking for reasonably priced relocation services which are performed by a professional, friendly and helpful team of staff then Call Now! is the number to call. Our low priced, excellent quality relocation services are just the kind of removal services that you need in order to have a successful and easy move for a reasonable, inexpensive cost! As well as providing our clients with fast and professional removals services, our company will also provide you will help, assistance and moving advice at any time you need it which is why getting in touch with our team today should be on the top of your to-do list.


Northern Ireland is one of the countries which make up the United Kingdom however, as Northern Ireland is not joined on to Scotland, England or Wales; it is not classed as a part of the island of Greater Britain. Northern Ireland is often referred to as Northern Ireland to describe the part of Ireland it is, however if you were to go to Northern Ireland or speak to a local there you will often hear that it is instead referred to as Ulster. Ulster is the name used most commonly to name Northern Ireland, as officially Ireland covers the area of Southern Ireland, which is a part of Europe and not the UK, whereas Ulster is the name of the area that Northern Ireland covers. Despite the fact that they were once both the same country, due to political reasons, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland are actually two different countries but for geographical reasons they are still referred to as Northern and Southern Ireland instead of Ireland and Ulster.

Ulster (or Northern Ireland) is located in the north east of Ireland as a whole country. The capital city of this small country, which covers an area of just 13, 843km2, is Belfast. Northern Ireland boasts great views, fantastic scenery and is popular with tourists who go to visit the country for short breaks. The national, official languages of Northern Ireland are English and Irish. The Irish language is a form of the Gaelic languages and is different from both Scottish and Welsh Gaelic which are both different languages from Irish Gaelic and from each other. Irish is spoken in some areas of Ulster but English is the wider spoken language.

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When relocating to your new property, do not forget to share your concerns and special requirements with our team of moving professionals at Removals Man and Van by calling up our team on Call Now! at any time because why else would you hire a professional removals company such as ours if you were not planning to make full use of what we have to offer you.