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Moving Out: A guide to Your First New Home

10 May 2013

So, you've recently landed yourself a new home? Whether you've managed to grab yourself an elusive foot on the property ladder, are renting your very own place or are simply moving in with friends, it's still a ridiculously exciting time. But asides from getting New Home cards, and hopefully, a few gifts to make the transition complete, there are also a few added woes to the process of moving out. Having to do your own dishes and laundry aside, there's the strain of packing all your worldly possessions, moving them from one place to the next and a mammoth To Do list which involves an epic amount of organising and remembering of vital things.

Your old home

Start by listing everything you want to take, if you're moving out of the family home, then this is a lot easier, as many things can stay put for now. If you are going to be short on space in your new home try and limit yourself to one or two boxes for each room. One box filled with bathroom essentials is easily unpacked, and a box for kitchen pans, utensils and storage alongside another for any food you've got is a great way of seeing what you do and don't have.

It's a great idea to move your personal stuff, such as clothes and shoes, in a suitcase or bin bags. It might not be the most attractive way to move out, but it's a great way to save on space, especially if using a removal van.

Your new house

Your new house may seem a little daunting; bare walls, white space and that distinctive empty feeling. However with just a few tips and tricks you can have the place feeling just like home. If you were well organised during packing, this part is going to be super easy. If you're moving out into your own place, then start by adding a few personal touches to the living room and bedroom, and if you've moved furniture, then these will add a homely feel in no time at all. If you're limited on space, a great way to liven the place up is to add your own bedding and a few bits and pieces straight away - you will have moved from home to home in seconds.

As it's your first home, you'll soon start to realise the things you need but have never bought; hangers, storage, cleaning products - even things like salt and pepper will be sorely missed! You're easy to unpack boxes will make it a doddle to find, or make a list of, the essentials.

Making a house a home

Don't feel that just because you're short on space or budget that you're new home has to be drab and dull. There are plenty of quick tips and tricks to turn that house into a home, and it is part of the fun of moving out. If you've got plenty of things to buy take a look around charity shops and second hand stores for some great budget buys. If you just feel a little homesick in your desolate room then some DIY tricks will soon create your perfect space. Photos, cushions and homely accessories will add an injection of colour into your new home, making it feel like you've been there for years. Now that you've moved out, it's the perfect opportunity to make your home exactly how you like it. Want interesting textiles as feature art? Get down to the craft store and get creating! Always dreamed of a minimalist bachelor pad? Hunt for some stylish accessories and create the dream pad. After all, your new home is exactly that - yours.

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