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Moving to Scotland - 5 Things you Need to Do

10 May 2013

Scotland is a popular tourist destination for many UK nationals and international visitors, but if you are planning on relocating there permanently, there are a few things you will need to do in order to make an easy transition to your new home. The following tips will let you get prioritised and get the process moving.

House Prices and renting

It pays off to research the area you are planning to move into wherever you relocate, and Scotland is no exception. Generally, house prices are fairly stable in Scotland, and depending on where you want to move to, prices are a little bit lower than England and other parts of Britain. It can be useful to call round a number of estate agents local to the area you plan on moving to, which will give you a well-rounded idea of house prices.

Important Documents

If moving from another part of the UK, then you won't need to worry about a visa or passport, but there are a number of documents you will need when relocating. Firstly, make sure you have a three month record of bank statements. If you are continuing employment, and starting a new job, you will also need a letter confirming this from your employer. Medical records should not be necessary, as Scotland is has the same national health service as the rest of the UK, but you should make sure to register with your local GP as soon as you arrive. Finally, you will need to have your driving license and car insurance details.

Council Tax and Bank Accounts

Most bank accounts that operate in other areas of Britain also have branches in Scotland, so you won't need to open a new bank account generally speaking. You will need to register with your local council, just as you would when moving within any other part of the UK, and will be eligible for to pay council tax.


If you are moving with children, make sure that the areas you are looking to buy a house in have adequate educational facilities for them. The Scottish education system is similar to the one found in the rest of the UK, but if you are moving to a particularly remote area or small village, make sure to check out the local schools, and that they are easy to get to for your children. It is worth noting that currently university education is free in Scotland.

Removal Options

There are a number of options available when moving home, so make sure you consider which will be of best value and convenience for you during your relocation. Removal companies can be a good option, but if you have a tight budget, then using container movers and storage, or even man in a van, or self-service vans might be a good option. Whatever the case, it's very unlikely that your relocation will be completed in a single day, so make sure to get a number of quotes including the different alternatives (a few quotes from removal companies, container movers, man in van services, etc.), and see what will work out the cheapest. It might work out cheaper for example, hiring container movers to ship and store your goods while you make your own way to your new property. You can then pick up the goods yourself, and might be able to save money this way.

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