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Preparing your Old Home for Moving House

05 February 2015

Moving house can be incredibly exciting – if a little stressful – and planning out the layout, look and feel of your new home can be one of the most fun parts. However, with this forward planning, we often forget about preparing our soon-to-be old home for moving day. Not only do you need to pack, book a removal company and begin moving into your new home, you need to tie up loose ends and get your old one ready. Packing, cleaning and making sure utility companies know you’re moving are all essential steps in the moving process and shouldn’t fall by the wayside because of the excitement of the new house. Here are some steps you should take before moving house to make sure there are no loose ends left after you’ve moved.

Pack early

The earlier you begin packing, the better. Not only does it reduce the risk of last minute rushing, it also allows you to begin the moving process much earlier so that you can do it gradually. If you’re able to, begin moving over items that you don’t use very often bit-by-bit in advance. This could also reduce the size of the removal van you need to hire, as you’ll only need it for large items, like furniture, and therefore you won’t have to pay as much.


As well as booking a removal company, you need to contact them a little while before the moving date to double check information. Also contact new utility companies to inform them you’re moving in and the companies you’ll be leaving behind. Informing your water, gas and electricity companies you’re moving house is essential, even if you believe your landlord or estate agent has already done this. Tell them the exact day you’ll be vacating the house so they no longer have to charge you for the time you’re not there. Also, contact your bank and other companies to make sure they know where to relocate your mail.


Although your ex-landlord or estate agent will probably hire a deep clean team to clean the house once you’ve moved, this could be taken out of your deposit, so minimising the likelihood of them having to do this or work the team have to carry out can save you money.

Book the removal service for around a week before your contract on your old home expires so you have time to go back after the big rush of moving day. Wipe down the inside of any built-in cupboards, steam clean any carpets, mop and wipe the dust from any surfaces. If your old home was fully or partly furnished, steam clean any sofas and mattresses; make sure all draws and cupboards are emptied of any belongings you brought with you. Clean the windows and make sure there’s no mould around the edges, this is also true for the bathroom. If there is mould, make sure to have it professionally dealt with if you’re unsure of how to do it yourself. Replace any light bulbs which have blown.

As a general rule of safety, also make sure all lights and plug sockets are switched off. If it’s been winter, make sure the heating is off and all windows are closed and locked. It might also be pleasant to leave a subtle air freshener (which doesn’t need to be plugged in to work) so the air doesn’t become too stale and unpleasant. When you leave, be sure to take all your belongings and make sure the door is locked fully behind you.

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