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The Quick Move to Putney

10 May 2013

According to most Londoners, the area of Putney is one of the best in the city for housing and no wonder - just across the river, with fine buildings and facilities, it offers everything you could look for in a living area. However, it might not be very easy to get a house or a flat in this busy area. If you manage to and you have to move in quickly, the pressure will be even more. Getting everything done within a strict timeframe is not an easy task, but it's worth a try. A quick move has its benefits - it might raise the levels of stress considerably, but at least you don't end up procrastinating and postponing the important tasks. You simply have to organize everything as quickly as possible and this makes you more focused and determined.

Moving quickly has its basic steps that you need to be aware of, before you even start.

First of all, you have to find a moving company and you need to make a quick choice, because the success of your relocation depends on that. When you have a short notice, it could be difficult to find a reputable mover that is available on your date, so consider your best options and make a choice. Try not to hire a mover you haven't researched well, or a company that simply doesn't have enough experience. Insist on full insurance and decide whether you will need packing and unpacking services. You'd end up paying higher if you include them, but at least you will know that your belongings are taken professional care of and that you will meet your deadline. If you have to start work immediately after the move, you will have literally no time for sorting out the house and having your boxes unpacked and the large furniture arranged will be a big advantage. The rest can be arranged and sorted out on the go.

Second of all, gather all personal documentation that you need, especially if you are doing a long-distance move. Take copies of medical and dental records, school and university transcripts, all sorts of diplomas and certificates, veterinary records of your pets, and so on and so forth.

Third of all, make sure that you call all utility companies and cancel their services or arrange for reconnection at the new location. Cancel mail subscription and phone and sort out the things at the other end. The worst thing in the world is moving quickly to a new home and having no landline, Internet or heating. Hire cleaning services if you don't have time to do a full cleanup of the house you are leaving. Warn your neighbors about the moving day and make sure there are no delays on your side or you will be charged extra.

Moving quickly is not the ideal option, but sometimes you simply don't have a choice and you need to accept the circumstances. Ensure that you prepare a checklist, an inventory list and a budget plan and stick to that. This will help you navigate through the entire process and do things one step at a time, even though it has to be much quickly. Relocations are challenging and memorable events that bring change and anticipation to every family's life.

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