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Sound Advice For Any Relocation to Kensington

30Mar 2015

Whether you’re moving house or moving offices to Kensington, there’s plenty of things that you must consider in order to make the move as stress free and as successful as possible. Since moving requires a great deal of time, dedication and effort on your part and everyone involved, the likelihood is that you’ve thought long and hard about where you’re moving to and when you want to move by, in which case, use our advice to ensure that you get moving into your new place without experiencing any problems along the way.

1.    A moving checklist always helps.
Think about every aspect of your move and write them down. Pin the paper to your fridge or notice board, somewhere where you’ll see it regularly so that it stays in your mind, which will hopefully give you a subconscious push in the right direction to complete things that haven’t been ticked off. Approach your tasks in order or importance and urgency and then cross out your tasks one by one, as and when you complete them. This will work well for you if you’re someone who tends to leave things until the last minute, because when you see thing written on paper, you tend to notice them more and want to get them done.

2.    Get yourself plenty of packing materials.
Start packing well in advance so that nothing gets left behind or gets sent to the wrong place. If you have a rough idea of the floor plan of your new place in Kensington, W8, draw out a little sketch and list the items you’re planning on keeping in each room. As you begin packing and securing items for the move, tick them off your list so that you already know what’s been taken care of.  There’s no shortage of companies that can supply you with packing materials; whether it be specialist packing companies or even removal companies, most will be able to supply you with everything you need, and will often give you a discount if you buy in bulk. So don’t be stingy with the amount you buy, because you certainly don’t want to be doing any last minute packing only to find you don’t have enough packing materials. You can never have too much protection, so get your hands on plenty of foam, bubble wrap, wrapping papers, air pillows and any other protective packaging materials you feel that you may need in order to secure your items for their journey in the removal van.

3.    Your new place isn’t ready yet? Consider putting your items into storage.
If your new place isn’t quite ready to move in and still requires some decoration and building work but you still have to move out of your current place of residence, then instead of moving all your possessions with you and risking them becoming dirty and dusty, put them into temporary storage. Storage facilities can cater to all different types of storage needs, so whether you have some large furniture, lots of heavy boxes or both, you are bound to find a storage unit at an affordable price at a location near you. Most companies will be able to help you with removals and storage; it’s just a matter of doing your research, getting quotes and comparing prices to find the best company for you.

4.    Finally, book a removal service and call up a removal company.
For any type of removal task, it’s always a good idea to get some help. Most moving companies that operate in Kensington will do all the heavy lifting for you, so simply call them up, tell them the details of your move and let them get to work.

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